Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

IV Infusions
Atherapy Wellness offers a variety of different Vitamin IV drips tailored to your individual nutrient needs. Vitamin IV drips are an intravenous cocktail of nutrients delivering essential minerals that are lost through day to day activity. Each vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte is delivered straight into your bloodstream leaving you feeling instantly rejuvenated and revitalised.

Intravenous Therapy Options

Hydrate Me

Combination of electrolytes and vitamin B12 will help with recovery after intensive work out, rehydrate the whole body, remove lactic acid and boost the energy levels.


Combination of the most powerful antioxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10 and multivitamins. Perfect to slow down ageing process, increase collagen production and boost energy levels

Multi-Vitation Drip

This drip is a special combination of electrolytes, vitamins B’s and folic acid. Those ingredients plays major role in energy metabolism and the growth, development and functions of the cells.

As part of Atherapy Physiotherapy, we offer speciality IV drips created by our trained staff of medical professionals, that compliment your training and rehabilitation needs – whether you simply need an energy boost, immune system recovery, or instant rehydration, we provide all of our clients with a unique and relaxing experience.

Immune Booster

High dose of vitamin C in combination with master antioxidant glutathione will help to fight infection and detoxify your body. In addition, combination of multivitamins will increase your energy levels.

Fitness & Recovery

Essential micronutrients (amino acids) to improve the growth and repair of the muscles, tissues, skin, hair and nails. L-carnitine helps with fat burning, and combination of multivitamins improve energy levels.

Mood Booster

Multivitamins to boost your energy levels, combined with mood boosting amino acids and serotonin. Additional magnesium to reduce nervousness and improve sleeping pattern.

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